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#5 – Chris Turner: Changing The Education System

#5 – Chris Turner: Changing The Education System

In this episode, I talk to Chris Turner. A tech entrepreneur turned education entrepreneur who founded Moonrise, a co-learning space for kids.

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We talk about the problem with school, bad explanations around learning, the hard (yet exciting) problem Moonrise is solving, Taking Children Seriously and much more.

This was a very fun and insightful conversation! Hope you find it so to.


0:30 - How Chris came from the startup world to the alt-education space

8:55 - School does serve a function in society

12:15 - Structure without coercion is good for creativity

17:11 - Moonrise: a co-learning space for kids

24:08 - Why the Internet didn’t really revolutionize the education system

29:41 - Do you learn by immersion?

31:47 - Bad explanations about learning

33:59 - Should we revolutionize the education system or make changes incrementally?

38:55 - Problem of people being “uneducated” and on credentials and proof of work

47:35 - Taking Children Seriously and closing remarks

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Moonrise website: