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#28 – Matthew Lysiak: Fiat Food, Bitcoin, and Fake Science

#28 – Matthew Lysiak: Fiat Food, Bitcoin, and Fake Science


Matthew Lysiak is an investigative journalist and author of Fiat Food: Why Inflation Destroyed Our Health and How Bitcoin Fixes It.

Topics we discuss are well captured by the timestamps below.

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0:49 - Why Matthew wrote Fiat Food

5:29 - Restructuring the American diet after the gold standard

11:25 - The Seventh-day Adventist Church

16:09 - The word “science” has become a shield against criticism

18:19 - On eating everything in moderation

21:04 - The CPI significantly downplays the effect of inflation

25:53 - The benefits of eating sound good

28:54 - How could a transition to the Bitcoin standard look like?

32:50 - Freedom and raising free children

36:21 - Advice for starting the carnivore diet and closing remarks

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