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#27 – Farbood Nivi: Follistatin Gene Therapy, E/Acc, and Following Your Heart

Farbood Nivi is the founder of Grockit (acquired by Kaplan in 2013). He has been biohacking for 25 years. Recently, he became one of the first 200 people in the world to receive Follistatin gene therapy.

Topics we discuss are well captured by the timestamps below.

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0:39 - Biohacking for 25 years

7:23 - Follistatin gene therapy

11:15 - Farbood’s protocol and results after taking follistatin

15:38 - The FDA’s job is not to keep you alive and healthy

20:58 - Próspera and other startup cities

24:13 - Effective accelerationism

29:27 - On living forever

33:40 - The nine most terrifying words in the English language are “I’m an effective altruist and I’m here to help”

44:40 - Action is always selfish

50:53 - Tips for the average person to get started with biohacking

57:00 - The importance of mobility and flexibility

1:02:14 - Steve Jobs and following your heart

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