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#30 – Niklas Anzinger: Longevity, Crypto, and Network States

#30 – Niklas Anzinger: Longevity, Crypto, and Network States

Niklas Anzinger is the founder of Infinita VC and Vitalia. He is also the host of the


Topics we discuss are well captured by the timestamps below.

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0:32 - Building Vitalia and Infinita VC

6:05 - The parallels between longevity and crypto

17:35 - How to convince people that living longer is a worthy goal

22:54 - Network societies

30:35 - Curating your early community

35:22 - The benefits of making organ trade legal

39:23 - Master of Business Creation

43:46 - The madness of air travel regulation

48:51 - Privatizing the base layer of society + closing remarks

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