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#32 – Riva Tez: Anarchy, Beauty, and Longevity

#32 – Riva Tez: Anarchy, Beauty, and Longevity

Riva Tez is a philosopher, writer, and venture capitalist. She’s the author of the blog Hard to Write.

Topics we discuss are well captured by the timestamps below. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed recording it!

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0:52 - Does crypto make anarcho-capitalism pragmatic?

11:56 - Crypto is both technologically and morally superior

20:08 - Ayn Rand’s ideal world

26:00 - Children are humans in their purest form

30:03 - Having integrity in your beliefs

33:17 - Creating a TV show of Atlas Shrugged

36:33 - COVID radicalized a lot of people

41:48 - Riva’s toy store and philosophy class for kids

44:37 - Epistemological anarchism

46:49 - Objective beauty

50:57 - AI, AGI, and AI safety

57:25 - Distractions in the longevity movement

1:04:30 - Why care about longevity (and hate the state)

1:08:07 - Riva’s childhood

1:12:42 - There is more opportunity out there than anyone wants you to believe

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