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#23 – Tom Hyde: Population, Immortality, Anarchism, and Gender

#23 – Tom Hyde: Population, Immortality, Anarchism, and Gender

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Tom Hyde is a geologist with degrees in geoscience and natural hazards. In addition to his academic background, Tom has a keen interest in the scientific and philosophical works of Karl Popper and David Deutsch, as well as in libertarianism, climate and risk, gender theory, aesthetics, anti-aging, and pro-natalism, among other topics.


0:39 - Why a larger population is good for the world

11:18 - The morality of immortality

25:11 - Anarchism and why wealth inequality may be good for the poor

38:01 - Degrowth is disastrous

49:05 - Animal consciousness

56:31 - The infinite gender theory

1:07:40 - Final remarks and recommendations


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